Phoebe Legere shines with releases of some of her classic songs, 4 movies, and a grant for her Foundation for New American Art. 

Now out on streaming media and YouTube are her previously unreleased masterpieces– “Love is Blind” and “Made for You.” The dramatic and heavy art rocker, “Love is Blind” video features AI-animated photographs of Legere and the Toxic Avenger, as avatars, singing together! The video was conceived and created by Legere and includes footage of Legere playing guitar at a recent tribute concert for her friend, the late David Bowie. She also directed and produced the passionate love song, “Made for You,” featuring scenes from the “Toxic Avenger.”   

“Made for You,” “Love is Blind,” along with “Turn to Me”–all written, produced, arranged, and performed by Phoebe Legere herself–are featured on Ship to Share Records’ exclusive and limited vinyl release, “the Platinum Collectors Limited Edition Vinyl Album, “The Music of Toxic Avenger.”

The captivating and dynamic Ms. Legere is renowned for starring in Toxic Avenger 2 and 3, now available as “The Toxic Avenger Collection 4K.”  She portrays the blind, machine gun-toting heroine Claire, Toxie’s girlfriend. In addition to contributing to the film’s music, the multi-faceted talent designed her own costumes and performed her own stunts.  

Legere takes center stage in Gustavo Von Ha’s new movie, “Everybody Dies Trying to Make a Masterpiece,” where eight of her original songs underscore this gripping murder mystery shot on location at YADDO in Saratoga Springs, NY. Von Ha discovered Legere at the legendary Artist Retreat YADDO when they both were fellows there.      

Legere and her seminal East Village punk band MONAD appear alongside of World of Wonder (Fenton Bailey & the Pop Tarts) and Sonic Youth in a new documentary “It’s A to Z: The Art of Arleen Schloss.”  Fresh from an artist residency at the Emily Harvey Foundation in Venice, Italy, Legere has written, directed, and scored her upcoming film, “Gender Symphony,” slated for release in 2024. The cult favorite “Mondo NY,” featuring Phoebe Legere singing her college radio hit “Marilyn Monroe,” is being re-released on DVD-Blu-ray on Amazon, marking another milestone in her illustrious career.

With so many creations coming to life at the same time, in addition to her music Legere’s focus has been fulfilling the mission of The Foundation for New American Art (FNAA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free afterschool and Saturday arts education to children in low-income communities lacking access to art and music education in public schools. The FNAA received a prestigious NYSCA (New York State Council on the Arts) award, and praised by Governor Kathy Hochul and the NYSCA Team for its vital contributions

Phoebe Legere’s impact extends into the art world. A recent Bundy Museum retrospective celebrated her transmedia art, serving as the inspiration for her new fashion line, available at All proceeds from the sales of Legere’s music and art directly fund her free after school programs. emphasizing her commitment to community enrichment. 

“Made For You” music video from “Toxic Avenger 2”
“Love Is Blind” music video

Limited vinyl release: “The Music of the Toxic Avenger, 2 & 3”

Foundation For New American Art ballcap fundraiser through Baseball Cap fundraiser is through Dec. 29.

Streaming Media Links for “Love is Blind” and “Made for You”