Irish Folk/Celtic Rock band JOLLY JACKERS unveiled their latest masterpiece, Welcome to the Grind,” now available on all major platforms since April 26, 2024. With spirited melodies and electrifying rhythms, they invite listeners on an unforgettable journey through the heart of their musical realm. Get ready to be swept away by their signature blend of tradition and innovation as they infuse every note with the soul-stirring spirit of Ireland.

“This album is different than our previous ones. It’s a rainbow of feelings, with the lowest lows and the highest highs in it. For the first time, we are telling you stories from the deep corners of our minds, things we haven’t talked about before. You’ll meet demons, nightmares, and dark thoughts haunting our minds… But also hope, and maybe the power as well to fight them all in the end,” says the band.

They add, “We have reached the most important record of our career so far. In our first 10 years, there were a lot of changes in membership (22?) while we were constantly working. 5 albums, 5 singles, and nearly 400 concerts in 14 countries are our record. Many could not stand this pace and left. The last time we almost hit the ground running was a month before we recorded the album, but one of our founders, Rea, led the band and we decided to stay five of us and still make this record.”

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Full Album on YouTube with lyrics


Videos From the Album:

Jolly Jackers – Horizon // Official Music Video

Jolly Jackers – I’M NOT DRUNK // Official Music Video

Jolly Jackers – Feed the Cat // Official Music Video


1. Welcome to the Grind

2. Feed the Cat

3. I’m not drunk

4. Dance in the Madness

5. Horizon

6. Absolution

7. Nightmare disorder

8. Paper plane

9. Reflection

10. I failed you

With 13,000 Facebook followers and nearly 34,000 monthly Spotify listeners, the Jolly Jackers have now played in 13 European countries. The band is getting more and more attention on the Hungarian and international press.

The Budapest based Jolly Jackers, founded in January 2013, is a truly unique and professional production with more than 300 concerts, 5 records and 5 singles behind them.

The band roars like an incredible energy bomb on every stage, be it in a small pub somewhere in the Swiss mountains or at a big international festival in the heart of Spain. They have already played together with artists such as The Rumjacks, Fiddler’s Green, Europe or Eluveitie.

At their concerts they only play their own compositions, and the production is now traditionally spiced up with a bottle of whiskey, which the group shares with the thirsty audience during the concert.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

5.03. Birdge, + Don Gatto – Győr
5.04. Dürer kert, Budapest
6.22. Kaltendorf Irish Fest (A)
6.29. Sopron Kelta Feszt.
7.07. Fete’d Europe – Amilly (FR)
7.20. Grauba Rock Festival – Neuler (DE)
8.02. Festival Maritim – Bremen (DE)
8.03. Festival Maritim – Bremen (DE)
8.04. Festival Maritim – Bremen (DE)
9.07. Gravel Pit Festival – Schüpfen (CH)

The Band:
Rea – vocal, flute, whistle
Enéh – bass
Ilka – violin
Simi – drums
Mark – guitar, mandolin

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