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Phantom Dan, the emerging artist in the emo-punk scene, is poised to unleash his latest sonic creation,
“Bad Habits,” a track that encapsulates raw energy and unbridled emotion. With anthemic vocals,
exhilarating guitar riffs, and thunderous drums, “Bad Habits” promises an electrifying listening
experience from the very first note.

Blending elements of emo, punk, and rap, Phantom Dan crafts a sonic landscape where authenticity
meets intensity. His seamless fusion of genres results in a track that is both familiar and refreshingly
innovative. As the song progresses, the intensity builds, mirroring the relentless pursuit depicted in its

“‘Bad Habits’ is a reflection on the perpetual struggle against our own demons,” explains Phantom Dan.
“It’s about the constant battle to break free from the patterns that hold us back.”

Fans eager to experience “Bad Habits” live can catch Phantom Dan at three exclusive Georgia shows,
including a Hometown Emo Party in Athens, an Emo Party in Gainesville, and a Punk Show in Ellenwood.
“Bad Habits” will be available on all major digital streaming platforms starting April 26, with the official
music video premiere on YouTube. Prepare to immerse yourself in the sonic world of Phantom Dan and
embark on a journey through the highs and lows of the human experience.

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About Phantom Dan
Phantom Dan is the emo punk rock brainchild of Dan Lacasse. Based in Athens, by way of New
Hampshire, Lacasse started playing music the good old-fashioned way: in whatever basement he was
allowed in, as loud and fast.

By the late ’00s, he’d played in bands such as The Soundtrack, Everybody Run and Directions and shared
the stage with notable acts including Hawthorne Heights, Mest, Hit The Lights, Sparks The Rescue, You Me and Everyone We Know.

In 2021 Lacasse began releasing his own music, starting with his debut EP “Keep on Moving”. He’s set to
release new music throughout 2024, blending genres and carving his own unique sound into the emo
punk rock world, proving that it was never just a phase.

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