Today, hard rock band WHO ON EARTH shares a new track entitled, “We Don’t Belong Here” – a hard driving song about the disparity between those who wage wars and those who fight them and suffer the consequences. The band strongly believes that

war is not waged by the people; it’s waged by politicians and governments who usually send the working class or the poor into battle. This is not a new topic but unfortunately, one that is still very much relevant today. Increasing and escalating conflicts around the world inspired WHO ON EARTH to create and release this video.

The video premieres today via Metal Injection HERE

The track is an alternate version of “We Don’t Belong” which is from WHO ON EARTH‘s debut album ‘Blame‘ released in October 2022. The band has been working on its follow-up album which is expected to be completed early this summer.

Bassist Pete Rizzi explains:

“This song is about the soldiers, plain and simple. The human beings who die in war or come back with a part of them dead inside. We honor them, we mourn for them and their families and we stand with them…not the politicians “protecting” us.”

Singer Coosh adds:

“The same politicians that will never put their lives on the line, won’t hesitate giving the order to send our troops into battle. It’s never about right or wrong, it’s always about power, money, oil, or religion.”

Watch the Music Video for “We Don’t Belong Here”

The band once again used Alien Al Overlord, creator of the “Watch The Fires Burn” video to create the lyric video for “We Don’t Belong Here.”

Alien AI Overlord is thrilled to partner once again with WHO ON EARTH to bring their latest track ‘We Don’t Belong Here‘ to life. This collaboration merges powerful music and messaging from WHO ON EARTH with the innovative visual technology of The Alien AI Overlord, creating a unique and immersive experience. The video, powered by advanced AI regen technology, dynamically enhances the intense and impactful themes of the song, making each viewing a distinct visual journey. Experience this compelling fusion of art and technology by checking out the release on YouTube, where WHO ON EARTH‘s stirring sounds meet cutting-edge visual artistry.”

Find more videos from The Alien AI Overlord on YouTube HERE

‘Blame’ Track List:

1) The Price

2) Black Swan

3) H8-Triarch 

4) Down & Out

5) Unbeaten

6) We Don’t Belong

7) Set Me Free

8) Monster in a Jar

9) On the Brink

10) Watch the Fires Burn


Coosh – vocals

Pete Rizzi – bass

Joe D’Aqui – drums

Bruce Gatewood – guitar

Johnny James Barone – guitar