SAN FRANCISCO, CA (December 8, 2023) — Perris Records announces the CD release of LastWorld’s “Beautiful Illusion” on January 5th. LastWorld returns once again with their 5th album in just under 5 years. One would think there would be a slow down having created all the music you’ve come to know and love, but no, Jim Shepard and David Cagle have once again filled their new album “Beautiful Illusion” with all the Melodic Hard Rock you would expect from LastWorld. And as usual they have thrown a few surprises you would expect too. The first single and video “Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong” is out now. Visit to purchase “Beautiful Illusion”.

Jim Shepard from LastWorld, “When it comes to finally releasing a new LastWorld album (5 in 5 years) it’s always exciting. We think every release is our best, but what really makes it great is when the fans (friends that is) post and email from around the world telling us what THEY think. Our new album “Beautiful Illusion” fits right in the middle of all our releases. Where our first outing opened the door for us, signing with Perris Records has kicked the door down, and now with Perris Records pairing with Michael Brandvold Marketing PR firm… I expect the music of LastWorld will be even BETTER known.” – Jim Shepard

Tom Mathers, President Perris Records, “This is the 4th Lastworld Cd on Perris Records and in only 4 years. The wonderful artwork again was done by Nello Dell’Omo and the music was mastered by JK Northrup. All melodic hard rock fans will enjoy the music written and played by Jim Shepard with the melodic, soulful rock voice of David Cagle.”

Track Listing
All lyrics & music written by Jim Shepard
1. Don’t Tell Me I’m Wrong
2. Younger Days
3. I Can’t Explain
4. I Will Find My Way
5. Better Of Me
6. The Fantasy’s Over
7. Destiny
8. Been There Before
9. You Never Listen To Me
10. A Step Beyond Death
11. Beautiful Illusion

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by : Jim Shepard
Music Recorded and Mixed at Cheap Track Studios
Vocals recorded at Cagle Studios
Mastered by JK Northrup
Artwork by: Nello Dell’Omo

Band Members

Jim Shepard – All Instruments
David Cagle – All Vocals

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