About this new single, Tony Scafidi explains, “The Bluesy guitar line let the cat completely out of the bag I guess. I was listening to a tonne of Blues and amazing bluesmen like Cedell Devis, R.L. Burnside, Johnny Farmer, who I learned about from an old Fat Possum Records documentary, and my bandmate Paul had an amazing text he had written against the war in Ukraine and the filthy growth of the extreme right wing movements in Washington and shortly later in Berlin, attacking Capitol Hill and the Reichstag. Paul walked into the rehearsing room while I was having a massive solo blues jam, started singing to it and off we went on to finish ‘Walls’ an hour later.”

Formed in March 2020 on a balcony in Friedrichshain, Berlin during the first Covid-19 lock-down, Circolo Vizioso was born as an attempt to keep art and music alive and to provide support to their neighbours during a time when no concerts were happening and no cinemas, museums or galleries were open.

In spirit, Circolo Vizioso is a last ditch effort by these artists to resist the isolation and the lack of social and human contact, as well as the hunger for music and art during this unusual time.
About the upcoming ‘Verrueckt” album, Paul Geigerzaehler explains, “We wanted an album that could express anger, frustration and disaffection against an unfair world and all the discomfort entwined with that and we wanted to do it with direct and bare lyrics, abrasive violin lines, fat distorted guitar solos, and big fuzzy riffs. Yet we wanted people to dance to all this batshit crazy world in a sort of self-exorcising dance, where one can head to bed with the feeling that they have at least sweat their daily demons out for the night.”

‘Walls’ is available via Bandcamp (with other platforms to follow), while ‘Choppy’ is available everywhere digitally, including Apple MusicSpotify. The full ‘Verrueckt’ album, which will be released on March 1, is available for pre-order directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

Music and Lyrics by Paul Geigerzaehler and Tony Scafidi
Tony Scafidi – guitar, bass, drum, hi-hat, vocals
Paul Geigerzaehler – violin, snare drum, vocals
Audrey Quillons – backing vocals on ‘Walls’ and ‘Verruecht’
Produced by Paul Geigerzaehler and Tony Scafidi
Sound Engineer – Smail Shock Production at B Studio in Berlin
Mixed and Mastered by Sacha Tilotta in Catania, Italy
Publicity by Shameless Promotion PR

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