Subtitled ‘Devoted to Devils Music’, this free sampler contains fifteen tracks from across the Odium Records roster to provide listeners with some insight into what the label owner likes to play when relaxing. Yes, this is black metal, and of all sub-genres it is one which I feel has possibly the widest set of styles within, and this compilation does not disappoint as it switches from one to another throughout. The most well-known bands contained herein are probably Vulture Lord, Black Altar and Serpents Oath, but I have always had a soft spot for Hell-Born whose debut album I first heard more than 20 years ago and truly believe they should be more widely known within the scene. RAUS! (the capitals and exclamation mark are theirs) have undoubtedly been influences by Rammstein as much as they have by Behemoth, which certainly makes for an interesting mix as they punch Wagner through its paces. 

It is unlikely that even die-hard BM fans will enjoy everything on here, as there are undoubtedly bands at different stages of their recording careers, and some are quite reminiscent of the recording quality of early Darkthrone but is that such a band thing? Some bands provide us with loads of atmosphere and bells (thanks Ofermod), while others are just riff-heavy with the picked top note being hit at some speed, but they all bring something to the table. Not only is this CD being given away with various magazines and through orders placed with the label, but it has also been put out through Bandcamp free of charge, nada, zip. What this means is that anyone who is interested in finding out a little more about the black metal underground can do so easily, and if this is your style then you will undoubtedly discover some bands new to you to investigate further. It will not be for everyone, but if you want your metal black then this is a great place to start. 6/10 Keve Rowland