Manchester, UK-based country singer-songwriter Jeorgia Rose released “See You Again,” a fascinating fictional murder mystery song. Featuring stunning electric guitar riffs and a captivating storyline, “See You Again” is set to be a fan favorite. 

Jeorgia explained that “‘See You Again’ is a song I wrote about a murder mystery, except it’s not really a mystery at all… Of course it’s fictional, but regardless, this song tells a story of how I plot the demise of my lover and ultimately get away with it. Country music is no stranger to a woman being scorned, and I had a lot of fun taking inspiration from some iconic country songs for this track.”

“See You Again” demonstrates Jeorgia’s growth as an artist; the unique blend of storytelling and musical craftsmanship sets her apart as a rising artist. In the complex country genre, Jeorgia has shown her range from ethereal ballads to fierce country pop. 

Listen to “See You Again” here, available on all streaming platforms now!

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About Jeorgia Rose

The singer-songwriter out of Manchester is introducing herself right on time with her latest: a dreamy, transportive, comforting new single. While based across the pond, Jeorgia Rose’s sound feels steeped in the singer-songwriter community more expected of an artist growing in Nashville or the independent music halls of Brooklyn. Her country-pop sound floats above the generation of songwriters inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves; she surpasses nostalgia, hoping people feel understood when they listen to her music, and, more importantly, hoping people will feel something of significance at all.

What’s more, Jeorgia Rose understands that there’s more out there than traditional romance. “Life doesn’t revolve around the guy or girl you’re in love with,” she says. Her background in live shows, having spent years now playing live shows and honing her ability to connect with a crowd, feeds back into her craft, creating an ever-expanding sonic and lyrical world. Above all else, her process revolves around following her emotions and letting her heart guide the story, rather than trying to find the perfectly curated or algorithmic melody. If she finds a hit along the way, so be it. 

Her stripped-back, emotional style suits her gentle, comforting vocals, and her songs are what ultimately speak for themselves. Young people will be able to see themselves in Jeorgia Rose’s work most of all.