Atom Stone releases self titled single Take Me To The Fire from upcoming debut album due out late fall. The single made its debut on Bandcamp as a limited introductory release, but the single will be available via all popular digital platforms in the coming days and weeks.

About the Single
Take Me To The Fire is a song about what it feels like to be on stage, it’s a song that summarizes and tells the story of what a musician goes through on stage night after night after night on tour, and it explains the beautiful transformation of energy that is not only given from the musician to the crowd, but the crowd to the musician and the beautiful process that takes place when you not only give that energy but you receive it back and they give it and they receive it back! “I want to be that voice at the end of the wire“ take me to the fire, saw song about a musicians need to be on stage and need to give the audience a healing and feel healing himself, and I need to spread that healing and positive energy and receive it back!

Take Me To The Fire – Recording Sessions
Atom Stone: Vocals
Phil Potor: Drums 
Adam Shoenfeld: Guitar 
Dan Tracey: Guitar 
Luis Espaillat: Bass 

Lyrics and music by © 2016 Daniel Tracey Castonguay Nick Sturms, Jeffery Sturms (BMI)
Licensed to and Distributed by Melodic Revolution Records. 
Artwork by Ed Unitsky

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