Los Angeles, CA – When you’ve been writing, recording and performing for as long as punk rock veterans Down By Law have, there comes a time when you take stock of the things that have kept you going all these years – the passion, the energy, the creativity, and the sense of being a part of something larger than yourself. With 11 studio albums under their belt, countless international tours, and the acclaim of their peers, Down By Law have been able to fuse all of these elements and more over the course of a tumultuous 3 decade long career, a fact that they celebrate on their brand new single “Denim & Leather” singing “When the times get tough, through the highs and lows / We stood through the fights and the nights and shows / In denim and leather / Through the storms and weather / We’re scarred for life together.” This is the very essence of the DIY punk rock ethos and a powerful distillation of DBL’s entire career – determination, perseverance, and integrity. “Denim & Leather” is the first single and lead-off track song from their compelling and supercharged 12th studio album, Lonely Town, which is set to be released in full on February 26.

Stream the new single “Denim & Leather” here: https://orcd.co/down_by_law_denim_and_leather

The band is still helmed by the unstoppable Dave Smalley, alongside his longtime partner since 1994 Sam Williams, and together they remain peerless in writing some of the most dynamic and catchy punk rock songs out there. With Lonely Town, the duo have reached a new peak. As Williams says, “With some of the grittiest guitars, fastest tempos and most personal lyrics we’ve done in years, this is the quintessential down by law album. We took a little bit of what defines every era of DBL and updated it to coincide with our honed abilities. If you’ve ever liked DBL, I can’t imagine you won’t dig this album. If you’ve never owned one of our releases, this would be the one to start with.”

Lonely Town will be available on both CD and in a limited-edition BLACK & WHITE HAZE vinyl.

Order the album: https://orcd.co/down_by_law_lonely_town

Also be sure to catch the album listening party hosted by Williams on January 31: https://www.facebook.com/events/2826547857625971

Track List
1. Denim & Leather
2. Anthem
3. Lonely Town
4. Gleam
5. Steal The Night
6. So Solo
7. Darkest Sun
8. Go Back Home
9. Black Sheep
10. Heroes & Zeroes
11. Soar
12. This Heart Remains
13. My Reservation’s Been Confirmed