Melodic Revolution Records is thrilled to announce the release of Bridge of Spirits the exciting new album by Canadian Art-rock outfit The Gardening Club.

Bridge of Spirits album combines two musical worlds, Gardening Club East, and Gardening Cub West, contrasting the orchestral-inspired musings of Norm Macpherson, on the West coast, with the Latin and eastern-inspired textures of Kevin Laliberte, on the east coast. That’s one way of putting it, but the contrasts and connections go deeper. The two ‘sides’ are connected by Norm’s new composition for orchestra and electric guitar, aptly named Bridge of Sprits. This connects the six songs of The Time Trilogy song cycle, to the 17 minutes of The Owl suite. What unites all in the music on the CD is Martin Springett’s voice and songwriting throughout. 

All the music on the album was recorded during the worst of the pandemic, so file sharing was the name of the game here, as creative ideas took shape over phone calls and face-time conversations. 

As Martin Springett says ‘I am so fortunate to work with two brilliant musicians/producers in Kevin Laliberte and Norm Macpherson. I have wide musical interests and don’t care to be hemmed in by labels or listener expectations. With Kevin and Norm, I can travel to new and unexpected ports of call, and to many different musical worlds. A Bridge of Spirits connects them all.’

Bridge of Spirits Tracklist

1. Forever Leaving Home 06:05
2. The Sister of Theft 02:50
3. Woman In the Waves 05:56
4. Finding Home 01:48
5. Rare Birds 03:51
6. A Dance to the Music of Time 02:49
7. Bridge of Spirits 05:41
8. The Owl (long form) 17:04
9. The Gift 02:24
10. Strange Kingdom (Bonus Track) 04:49

Musicians on Bridge of Spirits

Kevin Laliberte – Flamenco Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Electric Bass 
Norm MacPherson: Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin & Bassoon 
Dave Wilkie: Vocals 
Denise Withnell: Vocals 
Drew Birston – Fretless Electric Bass and Acoustic Bass 
Martin Springett – Guitars, Bass, and Vocals 
Sari Alesh – Violin 
Wayne Kozak: Soprano Saxophone

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