Los Angeles, CA – Even since getting their goth on with “Black Lipstick” and welcoming the industrial mayhem of this “Brave New World,” music fans have been patiently waiting to hear the entirety of Powerman 5000’s stellar new studio album, The Noble Rot. Now that wait is over as the album has been officially released on all formats including streaming, CD and glorious colored vinyl. Frontman Spider One has called TNR one of the most adventurous and stylistically diverse albums the band has ever released, and judging from the reception of the pre-release singles, fans have embraced the new direction.

Spider had this to share about the album’s release, “The Noble Rot is about facing mortality, self-destruction, not learning from history and the promise of something great rising from the darkest of situations. Seems fitting that we are releasing this one in 2020.”

The singer also announced that he will be taking part in Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” series on the album’s release day, getting grilled by fans on everything from the band’s long history in the music industry to Spider’s experience in the visual arts, directing and editing all of the band’s videos as well as the mockumentary series Death Valley which aired on MTV in 2011.

Visit the AMA here:https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/iiclmb/im_spider_one_the_founder_and_vocalist_of_the/

Last but not least, the band has been selected by Spotify as the cover artist for that platform’s wildly popular New Metal Tracks playlist with nearly half a million subscribers.

New Metal Tracks Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX5J7FIl4q56G?si=RvLfJm0cSfmq_0vnEVxyCA

Order the album:https://orcd.co/powerman_5000_the_noble_rot

Watch the video for “Black Lipstick”:https://youtu.be/zlyvS3GSFCU
Watch the video for “Brave New World”:https://youtu.be/TlOCZan0I04

Track List:
1. Cannibal Killers That Kill Everyone
2. Brave New World
3. Play God Or Play Dead
4. Black Lipstick
5. Special Effects
6. Let The Insects Rule
7. Movie Blood
8. Strange People Doing Strange Things
9. We Got The Beat
10. VHS