In this life, so often a vale of tears and shadows, the darkness that enfolds us can feel endless, impenetrable and overwhelming. Our sorrows seem deep enough to drown us and the words of the callous and uncaring swarm around our heads, biting like bloodsucking insects as their boots grind our faces into the cold mud. Yet when the demons of your dreams feast upon your tattered confidence and run their ragged claws across your tired and bleeding heart, look beyond them. Look to the horizon and the coming of the dawn. No night lasts forever and the first warm rays of hope may pierce the black between this breath and the next. Hold fast to that hope and defy them – down, but never beaten, never broken.

The second full length album from Indiana’s Symphony Of Heaven is an intimidating onslaught of melodic death metal, painted in shades of black and punctuated by moments of perfect tranquillity; a torrent of all enveloping sorrow and loss, dark times and bleak reflections captured in breathtakingly emotive songs. Maniacal Entropik Discordium sees Symphony Of Heaven baring their wounds to the world and transforming pain into sound. But this album is not just a record of misfortune; it is a cry of defiance, a message of hope and ultimately a celebration, a triumph of belief and endurance over adversity. Every individual element of Maniacal Entropik Discordium is little short of incredible – from the searing, enthralling guitar work to the hugely powerful rhythm section and the staggering vocal delivery. Every song is a definitive piece of death metal art and together they weave a strangely beautiful tapestry of agony, rage and redemption. The concluding cover of Death’s masterpiece, ‘Flesh And The Power It Holds’ sits perfectly alongside Symphony Of Heaven’s own compositions, complementing but not overshadowing, showing just what the band have achieved with this remarkable album.

After a series of EPs and singles, with Maniacal Entropik Discordium Symphony Of Heaven have delivered an album that will surely prove to be a pivotal moment in their career. On December 17th Rottweiler Records will release one of the finest melodic death metal albums of this troubled year. Be prepared to rethink those end of year lists, because this album cannot be ignored. Prepare to stand shoulder to shoulder with Symphony Of Heaven, face down the darkness and stand strong against the storm.

Pathos – Vocals/Guitars
Timoratus – Bass
Eero Tertsunen – Guitar
Asaph – Drums

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
For fans of: Behemoth | The Absence | Insomnium | Omnium Gatherum

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“…an experience that you’ll never forget.”