The eight-track debut album Paradigms is now available as a pre-order on the group’s Bandcamp page.

T.A.P has been described as an instrumental fusion of progressive and ambient sounds with a nice touch of jazz, blues, psychedelic, and ethnic influences stirred in for perfection, featuring members of Djam Karet, The Muffins, Herd of Instinct, Fearful Symmetry, Head Joint, and Gayle Ellett & the Electromags.

T.A.P is a studio-based musical collaboration with the aim of producing an instrumental fusion of ambient sounds with elements sourced from genres including, but not limited to, progressive rock, blues, jazz, psychedelic, and ethnic influences.

Origin: Canada, USA, UK.
Genre: Ambient/progressive rock fusion


1. Infinite Names…………………………..11:59
2. The Progbient…………………………….5:10
3. Initiate Protocol 7…………………………6:01
4. Signal Transactions………………………6:53
5. Silence From The Storm……………….12:35
6. The Last Words Of Dutch Schultz………5:05
7. Terminus……………………………………5:44

Bonus track:

8. Silence From The Storm (HOI Mix)……..8:19

Mike Jobborn – keyboards, synth, soundscapes, drum programming 
Mark Cook – Warr guitar, guitars, basses, drums, soundscapes, synths, samples, strings 
Suzi James – guitars, basses, oud, flute, random percussion 
Gayle Ellett – keyboards – Hammond, Moog, mellotron, (tracks 1,2,4,7,8) 
Paul Sears – drums, percussion (track 5) 
Bill Bachman – drums (track 8)

Reviews and Quotes

“My thoughts on listening to this great album: A seven-track album plus a bonus track.
A nice collaboration by Mike Jobborn, Suzi James, Gayle, and Mark. Track one Infinite Names is an 11 minute and 58 sec of nice flowing guitars and synths and mellotron, well put together, the instruments blend seamlessly into a sea of soundscapes with nice choir vocals.
Track 2 – The Progbient has a more Jazzy setting laying down a great ambient tune, a happy track.
Track 3 – Initiate Protocol 7, a darker atmospheric number and lovely open soundscape on this one.
Track 4 – to track 8 continue the album keeping up the excellent soundstage throughout this album.
To sum up this is a great effort by the musicians involved and is a great listen, you will not be disappointed.” – Phil Jee (House of Prog)

“What I have heard of your album so far sounds fkn amazing. Totally unique. Can’t say it sounds like anyone cause it does not” – Chris Gill (Band Of Rain)

“Really cool! Great atmospheres and cool riffs. At times reminded me of Pink Floyd or Gentle Giant. Fun Prog! Congrats! Really impressed.” – Dave Kerzner (Sound of Contact, Dave Kerzner Band, In Continuum)

“A progressive experimental collection of music that has thrown out the formula book to give way to free form moods, mental atmospheres and innovative sound design. Definitely something to enjoy in its entirety. Digging it!” – Simon Collins (‘Sound Of Contact’, ‘eMOLECULE’)

“Wow – I love it. Very impressed. Great moods, great progressive grooves, awesome guitar, gritty keys, solid bass, very cool stuff!” – Matt Dorsey (‘Sound Of Contact’, ‘In Continuum’, ‘Dave Kerzner Band’)

“T.A.P’s “Paradigm” is a compelling return to the roots of prog with a 7 superb tracks waxing musical tapestries infused with jazz fusion and rock. At times it made me think of the supergroup UK or something from Bill Bruford’s ‘Masterstrokes’. It is an exciting listen filled with interwoven melodies, rhythms and musical themes.” – Kelly Nordstrom (‘Sound Of Contact’, ‘eMOLECULE’)

“It’s been an absolute blast though…. guitar technique and tone to die for throughout, some really inventive arrangements with prog, ambient, hints of jazz fusion, blues, even a bit of carnival haha. Fab keys and orchestration, some very inventive percussion – lots of room for the music to move and groove but never descends into indulgence. It’s well outside my usual comfort zone but when everyone brings their A Game like that and creates the right moods and can move seamlessly through those kind of arrangements it’s a winner. Production is really good. Delicious basslines. Silence From The Storm! Yum”. – Charlie Bramald (‘Ghost of the Machine’)

“Very spacey and old school but right up my alley!” – Alan Baillargeon – NewEARS Prog Show

“If one changes the perspective from a supporter right into an actor; the result might be: brilliant!
Mike Jobborn and the debut of his latest project, T.A.P, demonstrates this perfectly. An instrumental album to be listened to in many different occasions. You can take a walk with it, or do hot Indian cooking, or just lay down on your sofa and listen! Not easy to keep excitement up with an instrumental album, but Mike did it here with Paradigms. Silence From The Storm is the definite proggy highlight of the album (well, for me it is), additionally, we have slightly jazzy parts and psych moments on the album as well. Suzi James adds her wonderful guitar skills in the right moments, famous Mark Cook (Herd Of Instinct) shoots Warr guitar tunes as well; excellent! Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet), Paul Sears (Daevid Allen, Steve Hillage) and Bill Bachman (Herd Of Instinct) on drums make this project A Band! If you like the instrumental corner of the PROG universe, you‘ll love Paradigms. A neat piece of work!” – Larne Peters –

“There’s a lot of good shit on this album. Buy it!” – Chuck Simons (DJ of ‘Game of Prog’,

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