New Zealand’s answer to Testament are back with the second single from their forthcoming ‘Submit or Death’ EP, something which I am definitely looking forward to with bated breath. I have been fortunate enough to see these guys play a few times over the years and always have a blast, as here we have a band who have been around long enough to really know what they are doing and what they want to achieve. Ross Curtain (drums), Sharne Scarborough (guitar), and  Ant Ward (beard and bass) create the platform and then it is up to Riccardo Ball to stamp his authority over the maelstrom which is taking place beneath. 

This is not all full-blown metal at the same pace and volume though, they understand that contrast is key, so we get changes in tempo and attack, which means when they come back in the approach has far more power and presence. Here we have a thrash band who should be making far more of a noise in the international scene than just playing around Auckland. It would certainly be interesting if someone like Nuclear Blast came knocking as these guys have the material and approach to make it big.  
9/10   Kev Rowland