Stay Sessions

Terry Newman – vocals 
Rob Orlemans – guitar
Don Schiff – NS/Stick™ Bass Guitar
Leo Vd Fluit – Hammond
Chriz Van Jaarsveld – guitar

Production, Engineered, Mixed, and mastered by Han Nuijten at Bullet Sound Studios The Netherlands
Song by Emiel Pijnaker
Artwork concept and layout by Nick Katona.
Original Ai Image by Franz Bachinger (Pixabay)

The international rock act TERRY NEWMAN PROJECT released a brand-new song entitled “Stay” today via Melodic Revolution Records. The song is about a love relationship that is pretty much missed. In the words of Terry Newman, “Stay is the way of bringing back the memories when you just meet that person that gave you so much joy before. The relationship turned cold but the fire lights up again after seeing each other again at the airport. So you can not let her go again, this was so wrong last time, it felt now like I will never want to leave her again. Stay please and let us start again, so we build it all new again.

Watch the visualizer video of “Stay” here or on YouTube 

TERRY NEWMAN PROJECT is a band that transcends musical boundaries. With musicians from diverse origins and inspirations, the band produces a distinctive sound that fuses elements of various genres and cultures. The band is renowned for its impressive vocals, skillful instruments, and engaging lyrics that resonate. Terry Newman Project aims to convey a message of harmony and optimism to its listeners through its music. Terry Newman Project is not just a band, it is a musical adventure.

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