Guitarist Andy Wood

Infinite Eve released their new instrumental single appropriately titled “2020”. The single features the blazing guitar-work of Andy Wood (Rascal Flatts, Scott Stapp, Sebastian Bach). The new song, “2020”, is written and performed by Infinite Eve’s guitarist, Paul Warren. While the year 2020 has turned the music industry upside-down, Paul decided to take this time off from performing to put out an intense instrumental filled with beautiful and crushing guitar tones. While he was at it, he invited his longtime friend and guitar virtuoso Andy Wood to record a suitable ripping solo! “2020” is the energetic, metal single that is certified and approved to be played on repeat at loud volumes!

Make sure to check out Paul @paulwarrenmusic and Andy @andywoodmusic on Instagram.

Watch the video for “2020” Here

Paul Warren is part of the duo, Infinite Eve, a melodic rock group from Raleigh, NC featuring the soaring vocals of Eve Naylor. You can listen to this new instrumental single, 2020, as well as their EP “The Story” at these following links.

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