I know I was not the only one within the metal scene to be excited when I heard there was a new release coming from Seas of Conflict. Although there have been significant line-up changes since I last saw them play, the duo of Kody (vocals) and Nic (all instruments) are producing music which is as dynamic, downtuned and brutal as ever. In many ways this reminds me of what was coming out when nu-metal started in the 90’s, yet with a far more modern approach, sliding chords and a band refusing to be constrained by any genre as they throw lots of different styles into the mix along with changing tempos, all of which add depth and breadth to the brutality.

If that is not enough, they also asked Lana Paige to join on guest vocals. Lana is lead singer with Enclosures, and although I have not seen them under this name, I have seen them when they were playing as Dogtooth Amethyst and while Lana can be heard providing some wonderfully clear and powering vocals higher up in the register, I also have incredible respect for her growls and wonder if she is swapping them with Kody at different times. Seas of Conflict continue to release music which is compelling and powering, pushing metal into different areas, with both clean and dirty vocals, and I hope that at some point we get a live line-up as music like this needs to be played at a venue. 8/10