In the 1970s, VARDIS’ relentless touring of the working men’s clubs of Northern England took them to support slots with Hawkwind, Slade, Motörhead, and Saxon, emerging with a reputation for a unique heavy rock attack and high energy technical brilliance. On November 1st, 1980, Vardis’ live debut LP 100 M.P.H. entered UK Album Charts at #52and instantly became a foundational record of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The power trio’s fusion of fast punk rhythms, relentless heavy riffs, and blistering blues-rock solos echoes through Metallica’sKill ‘Em All (’83) and Megadeth’s Killing Is My Business…and Business Is Good! (’85), and became an old school Heavy Metal classic. 

Four studio albums, three compilations, and seven singles later, SPV/Steamhammerpresent to you the Vardis live experience on record for the first time since 1980: ‘100 M.P.H. @ 100 Club’. A new double live album recorded on March 13th, 2020, the 40th anniversary of 100 M.P.H., this blistering two-hour set includes every track from an album that led the way for Thrash, performed up close and personal by Steve Zodiac (Guitar, Vocals), Joe Clancy (Drums) and Roly Bailey (Bass) in London’s legendary 100 Club.

1. Out Of The Way 3:10
2. Steaming Along 3:213. Paranoia Strikes 2:104. Situation Negative (Boogie Blitz) 5:375. Red Eye 3:416. Dirty Money 3:067. Mods & Rockers 5:258. Don’t Mess 2:559. Shoot Straight 4:2210. Move Along 5:35CD21. Destiny 3:052. The Lion’s Share 3:043. Radio Rockers 3:38
4. The Loser 5:47
5. Head Of The Nail 3:45
6. Jolly Roger 4:33
7. Let’s Go Again 3:21
8. 100mph (I won’t Go To Hell) 9:15
9. If I Were King 5:20
10. Living Out Of Touch (encore) 3:17