1. Puss In Boots 
2. Spirit In A Meat Suit 
3. Heroes 
4. Dead Centre 
5. Never Play Golf On Sunday
6. Isis 
7. Kraken Kommandant 
8. Remember The Dead 
9. Through Hardship To The Stars

Karen Langley – Vocals, lyrics, arrangements 
Rob Williams – Guitars/synthesis 
Jon Sharp – Drums 

Music and Lyrics – Rob Williams and Karen Langley

Watch Dead Centre Here

Melodic Revolution Records and BABAL are pleased to announce Spirit In A Meat Suit is the latest release and the final chapter in The Circle Of Confusion Of Tongues trilogy. 

Cancer, Covid, and Conservatism impacted the band in no small ways; these massive life-changing events notwithstanding, BABAL has produced an incredible lockdown legacy of words, music, and rhythms of ferocious tenacity. 

Fired by the sheer will to survive, tempered with the faith in Universal chaos and balance, BABAL makes each song an epiphanic journey across illness, narcissism, money culture, and authentic living in the face of either shit or sugar. 

KAREN LANGLEY’s vocals and arrangements are focussed, yet refuse rigidity; the flow of her unique style is celebrated in this album, one that she admits she thought would remain unfinished. 

ROB WILLIAM’s guitars and musical composition are at their most eloquent; his undaunted determination throughout Karen’s, and his cancer 
became a spiritual mission to carefully sew together a divine collaboration and produce something so much bigger than those 3 big C’s. 

JON SHARP, as ever, refines and pulls together the pieces as the third, long-time rhythmic powerhouse of the power of 3. 

“The liberation I feel from producing this work has been phenomenal”, says Karen “sometimes I couldn’t do any work for months, and sometimes neither could Rob. We were like a musical see-saw; each helping the other go up if the other was down. I’m really happy with the result, we all are – it’s been well worth the persistence” 

Spring 2021 

Part One: The Circle of Confusion of Tongues. Released on April 18, 2018 
Part 2 consisted of 3 EPs: 
Part 2a: The Glacier: Released on September 18, 2018 Part 
2b: The Big Everything: Released on February 28, 2019 Part 
2c: Frank’s Lament: Released on January 16, 2020 
Part 3: Spirit In A Meat Suit: Released on March 16, 2021




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