DRENALIZE is a french Hard Rock band

formed in 2013 in Northeast France.

With strong influences from the world’s top hard rock acts like Scorpions, Whitesnake or Def Leppard, the band quickly reached a new level with their first album ‘Destination Everywhere’ and managed to open for renowned bands such as Sister Sin, Toxic Rose, Inglorious and Blackrain.

he first album was released on November 9, 2015 and drew the attention of relevant media: magazines like RockHard (France), PowerPlay, and Fireworks (United Kingdom) gave very good feedbacks, comparing the band to POISON, SCORPIONS, DANGER DANGER, DEF LEPPARD, WARRANT and DOKKEN.

Now with the support of a seasoned publisher (Editions Hurlantes) and strengthened with a new line-up whose trial by fire was a tour covering France, Netherlands and Belgium, the band is ready to move on and upwards. DRENALIZE is currently focusing on the release of its forthcoming album.

The album will sound heavier, but will definetely keep the « Drenalize Signature ».

Artist: Drenalize
Title: Edge Of Tomorrow
Format:  Digital CD / Physical CD / Vinyl
Label: Independent Release


01. 2049
02. Strangers In The Mirrors  
03. No Miracle
04. Eternal Eclipse
05. Thirty More Seconds
06. Passage En Force
07. Into Madness
08. Fast ‘N’ Lethal
09. Something To Believe In
10. Edge Of Tomorrow

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