Last year, Puppy put together an ambitious treatment for a music video to accompany “Powder Blue,” a song from their new iii EP.
It involved a shedload of pyro, stage props, and lighting, with Puppy performing a killer heavy metal gig to a huge crowd. You know, the kind they had “watched on MTV as kids.”

Long story short, in the build up to the shoot, everything went to shit.

And without planning it that way, Puppy ended up being filmed playing a “socially distanced show” to an empty room.
The resulting video presents itself as a heartwarming reminder of why we all do this heavy metal lark — reflecting honestly on being a band in a quarantined world.

Check it out for yourself here.

“‘Powder Blue’ is the first song on our last EP, iii. We called it that because it was our third EP, and because there are three of us in the band. For whatever reason, triptychs, triplets, three-pieces, and trilogies felt quite important to us at that point,” says the band. “The whole idea with the songs on iii was that they should sound like what they are: three people in a room together, with little-to-no over-dubs, add-ons, or studio wizardry. It’s fitting then that, because of world events, the video ended up mirroring this concept in its simplicity.”

Puppy continues, “We had a lot of ambitious ideas for this video going into it, and for many reasons these didn’t exactly play out how we’d hoped. But we like this video now precisely because of its limitations; because, like the EP, it’s a record of three people coming together to try and make something bigger than the sum of their parts. The fact that we failed miserably doesn’t seem to matter as much now.”

iii was recorded in Hackney’s largely analogue Holy Mountain Studios, around the corner from the rehearsal space where Puppy first started making music together, with producer Misha Hering.

“Powder Blue”
“Star Of The Sea”

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