Neverdream reach their fifth album and this is a somewhat special album because it is the first with all the lyrics in Italian language. 

The prog metal of the band continues to be influenced by the great groups of the European prog metal tradition, such as Vandenplas and Elegy (both groups of which Neverderam have played in support) but on this record the Italian roots of progressive enter strongly that refer to groups such as ‘Il Banco del Mutuo Soccorso’ and Premiata Forneria Marconi.

As in the previous chapters and in the best Progressive tradition, Neverdream presents a concept album, inspired this time by the scourge of slavery in the United States of America and which led to the outbreak of the civil war between the North and South states.

Watch Neverdream Lyrical Video Figli dell’Alba Here

Neverdream  born in 2004 from an idea by Giorgio Massimi (voice) Giuseppe Palmieri (guitar) and Alessandro Marinelli (now on bass in the Muro del Canto) and Mauro Neri (keys), who decide to give sound to their ideas.

Having dissolved the previous groups of belonging, Neverdream come to life and with them their music. Their first “Rain of Sorrow” demo produced in April 2005
Despite a certain immaturity, the demo receives excellent reviews, and is the definitive push towards the composition of the first full length “Chemical Faiht” of 2006.

The concept has an excellent critical success that led the group to play in Berlin in 2006, thanks also to the precious collaboration of their friend Harry from Heavy Metal Heaven.

In 2007, Neverdream began to work on the second album is always a concept, which according to the band is the only type of composition possible to give voice to a story, this time a tragedy that indelibly marked the twentieth century that of Chernobyl.
The album, “Souls April 1986”, was released in 2008 and is heavier, worse, more progressive than its predecessor, but above all much more identifying than a sound that is gradually becoming more mature and personal, sweet melodies contrast with acid instrumental inserts such as vitriol, the qualitative leap compared to the first album is enormous. the production and mixing are handled by Achim Koheler, a true vate of world metal who manages to give a touch of magic to the whole work.
Songs like “Waterfall” and “Souls” break the 10 minute roof giving really intense moments and a 100% Neverdream sound at last.

The mini tour that follows (again in Germany and Italy) proves how much the group has improved and grown, so much so that in the live venue the pieces perform better than in the studio.
The months of exaltation began to gather ideas for the new album, but in the meantime the first record deal was signed with the German “Twilight Records”.
The group never stops and works hard for 12 months on the composition of the new pieces. This time we talk about Africa and the abuses suffered by this great nation, of the secular injustices perpreted to the detriment of African peoples, of civil wars, of child soldiers, of slavery, of the great Mandela, in short, it is an album that oozes ideas and music where the second is a natural extension of the first and everything comes to life in a kaleidoscope of vivid and real emotions and colors.
The album, entitled “SAID”, is recorded in the band’s studio and Achim Koheler still deals with mixing and production.
It is September 2010 and the album comes out once again received by excellent reviews.

The album brings the boys to play in Spain (Madrid Valencia), but above all it will bring them, at the end of March 2011, to act as a shoulder to Vanden Plas.

After three years of gestation in 2014 their fourth album The Circle comes to life accompanied also by a book written by the author Maria Teresa Valle, the concept speaks of strange murders and serial killers in a compelling story that is revealed with a surprise ending .
Once again, critics reward Nevedream’s work with really enthusiastic reviews and very high marks.
To promote the album, a double album, they will still be the shoulder to Vanden Plas then also to Fates Warning and Goran Edman (ex singer of Malmsteen).
The disc was put online for free on the group’s website after the consensual termination of the contract with Twilight.
In July 2015 the group was forced to change the whole rhythmic session and called the great Luca Urbinati (ex Zen) behind the skins and the young Marco Baldassarra (ex Mantik) on bass.
After some live with the new lineup, the group enters the studio to record the new album, Figli dell’Alba, a concept entirely in Italian that deals with the problem of racism and slavery.
The album was completed in September 2019 and the new label of the group is Elevate Records, specialized in Prog Metal which has in its stable band cone Empty Tremor and Secret Sphere.

The adventure continues.