Since their last release, singer Seraina Telli has departed and the new woman on the microphone is Laura Guldemond (ex-Shadowrise). To introduce her to fans this EP has been released with one new song (no, although it has the same title, it is not the Saxon number), along with three live cuts from Wacken Open Air 2019. This feels very much as if it is for the fans, as the inclusion of “Executed” really does give the impression that one had to be there, as there are obviously lots of effects taking place during the lengthy introduction which don’t translate to the song. All four songs on this 23-minute-long EP are ok, but rarely more than that. Guldemond has a heck of a voice, but I wonder if she is in the right band. They are okay, but they don’t really deserve the amount of publicity and support they have been getting – it cannot have anything to do with the fact they are five women could it? Surely not. They need to step up seriously on the next release to be taken seriously within a musical context, and possibly with the new singer they may just do that. It will be interesting to find out.
5/10 Kev Rowland