Bevan is a lo-fi alternative indie pop musician from Morrinsville, and Weekend is taken from his third full-length album, which is due out later this year. He says he is inspired by all forms of music from Fraggle Rock to Eminem, Crowded House to Pink, and it must be said that anyone who finds a way to reference Fraggle Rock is always going to be interesting. This is one of those numbers which is a grower, as I was not sure at all when I first heard this, but there is no doubt that the more one listens to this, then the more the simple naivety of the lyrics and melody really do hit home and stick in the cranium.

There is nothing complex about the music, but the arrangement is light and fresh, and each time I play this I think of the summer, as it I envisage being out in garden, taking the time just to enjoy the insects, birds and flowers. The keyboards and guitar often provide an almost drone-like approach, with a curtain of sound, and it is only on close attention that one realises the bass is providing an interesting counterpoint behind, which is driving the song along. There are also some interesting twists in that at one point the percussion becomes far more important, at others it drops out, while the additional keyboard lead drops in and out when the time is right.

Bevan says he is attempting to calm these troubled and turbulent times down with music for the mind and soul, and in these COVID times that is indeed something to strive for.
6/10 Kev Rowland