[Photo by Alex Zarek]

Chicago, Illinois-based metallers REPENTANCE have released their highly anticipated sophomore album, The Process of Human Demise, today via Noble Demon. Listeners can expect an album that combines aggressive riffs, powerful vocals, and thought-provoking lyrics, creating a captivating musical journey through the depths of human emotions and the struggles of existence. Produced by Alex Lackner at Accelerated Sound (with mix/master by Chris Collier at CMC21 Productions), the record’s pristine production quality perfectly captures the band’s raw energy and intensity.

The Process Of Human Demise features 12 brand new tracks showcasing REPENTANCE at their strongest yet – With guest contributions from the likes of TRIVIUM’s Corey Beaulieu and FEAR FACTORY’s Milo Silvestro, the band’s latest offering has become a relentless and intense maelstrom that will sweep you along and an album not to be missed in 2023!

“Repentance has the nineties in its blood, grooving and thrashing like PANTERA or even DEVILDRIVER in their glory days!”


“An album that every fan of TRIVIUM or DEVILDRIVER should listen to!”

Hellfire Magazin

“The Process of Human Demise paints Repentance as an up and coming winner in the modern metal arena!

Dead Rhetoric

“The Process Of Human Demise” track listing:

Buried By Fear

Withered and Decayed


The Process of Human Demise


Down In the Water

A Future Untold

All the Misery

Light It Up

No Innocence

A Grave For the False Ones

Venom Inside

Founder and guitarist Shaun Glass on “Down In The Water”: “Definitely one of my personal fave songs off the new album! This song oddly enough was one of the first tracks demoed in the early stages and had been changed a few times til we finally got it to where it is now. It has such powerful driving feel & hooks the listener instantly.”

Repentance are: 
Adam Gilley – Vocals 
Shaun Glass – Guitar 
Eric Burns – Guitar 
Eric Karol – Bass 
Brandon White – Drums

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