Pictured here are Beany Lesiuczok and David Henman

Several Months ago David Henman and I started a little instrumental project which became a tribute to the GREAT Hank Marvin! We decided to take apart some of the old instrumental classics and put a little twist on them musically…House Of The Rising Sun started out as an instrumental… Once we got into the nitty-gritty of the track…a light went on…why not do this tune not only as an instrumental.. let’s try throwing some vocals into the mix…Only one guy came to mind…..Steve Bonino…I sent him a rough mix..and..the result IS AMAZING… Steve has a knack of making these cover tunes his own……….The result is Bedrokk and Friends …

Bedrokk & Friends
David Henman – Co-founder of the Iconic Canadian Rock Band – APRIL WINE – Guitar
Beany Lesiuczok – Founder of the Canadian Rock Band BEDROKK – Bass, Guitar, and all the programming
Steve Bonino – RED32 – Vocals

Hope that you all enjoy the tune…HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN.

Bedrokk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bedrokk/
David Henman website: http://davidhenman.com/music/
Steve Bonino website: https://stevebonino.com