We are thrilled to announce the signing of US instrumental band Edison Suit to the Revolution family. The band’s upcoming release, Persistence of Vision due for release on July 28, 2023.

In a statement about the signing to Melodic Revolution Records Barry Wood of Edisons Suit had this to say. 

Edison Suit’s music has never fit neatly into any genre, which has made it a challenge to find a label that was a good fit. Unlike many other labels, Melodic Revolution Records is less concerned about genre than they are with connecting fans with good music. Our material ranges from rock to prog to electronic to acoustic, so there’s a good chance MRR fans will find something that they like about what we do. We are really excited to be part of the Melodic Revolution Records family in creating “Music you didn’t know you would love!”

Edison Suit is the creative vision of Mark Smith and Barry Wood


Persistence of Vision – July 28, 2023 – Melodic Revolution Records – CD & Digital
B (2006) Self Released CD & Digital
The Ones Who Keep The Machine Functioning Smoothly (1998) Self Released CD & Digital


September Rising (2001) CD – Self Released
Tappistry Volume 2 (1998) CD – Self Released

Film & TV

Earthlings (2006)
Warrior’s Society Mountain Bike DVD (2004) 
Columbia Tristar (2000)

Edison Suit’s third album plunges further into their ethos of making electronic instruments seem organic and acoustic instruments seem electronic. Their penchant for unusual song structures and time signatures results in music that’s as surprising as it is ear-opening. 

Genre: Instrumental, Electronic, Progressive Rock


1. Eyes of Dust 05:48
2. Darkness Gives Shape to the Light 05:35
3. Deeper Into a Nether Empire 04:25
4. Breakers on the Beach of Skulls 04:34
5. The Breath of Gaea 05:56
6. Vultures of the Void 03:25
7. Chromatic Mist 04:48
8. Conceptual Mechanisms 04:36
9. To Wound the Autumnal City 04:05
10. Wednesday s Gray Hand 06:14
11. Cryptical Windings 05:22
12. A Myriad Paths of Entropy 06:51

The Band
Mark Smith: Electric, acoustic, 12-string guitar, EBow guitars, mando guitar, bass, and banjo  
Barry Wood: Keyboards, bass, Chapman Stick, lap steel, lap steel resonator, and programming 
Bret Wadams: Drums, and cymbals  
Paul McIntire: Violin

Produced by Barry Wood and Mark Smith 
Mixing, mastering, and artwork by Barry Wood at The Other Room 
© ℗ 2023 Nessus Wall Music (ASCAP)

Edison Suite Links

Website: https://edisonsuit.com/
Bandcamp: https://edisonsuit.bandcamp.com
YouTube: https://bit.ly/3JzgI5c

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