Bottom L-R: : | ARIYAN Rezaei Jahromi (guitar) | Ivo Matuš (drums)
Top: | Peter ’PETZ’ Schwabl (bass, storytelling)
Photo Credit Vicky vanSane

Austrian funk prog metallers Hog Meets Frog recently released their third EP this past February. The record is a non-conceptual concept EP under the motto of the title: “humANIMALization”. Its purpose is to be witty and entertaining as it flirts with obscurity and is meant to be entirely thought-provoking for listeners.

Frontman Peter ’PETZ’ Schwabl explains:

“When the animal in the human awakens, then, for example, one turns into a bigot monkey and the other becomes an insecure piggy, one becomes a peeping control bear and the other becomes a greedy stock market bull. Just this behavior – sometimes silly, monkey or also clumsy, bearish – is told in the lyrics, as well as through the wide range of sound worlds and riffs.”

Today, in support of the EP, the band is sharing their Claymation video for the track “Of Snakes ‘n’ Moles ‘n’ Bulls ‘n’ Dough”.

“The text tells of a friendship between a snake and a mole and a greedy bull who is addicted to the madness of money-making and wants to break up the friends to get more money himself. In the end, of course, friendship wins. Musically, this song starts with a stonerous riff and then slides into a dry narrative stomping, and then further into a spherical reverberant sound of delirium.” says bassist/vocalist – Peter ’PETZ’ Schwabl.

Watch and listen to “Of Snakes ‘n’ Moles ‘n’ Bulls ‘n’ Dough” 

With influences ranging all over the musical spectrum from progressive and death metal to jazz, to world music and funk, there is something for everyone in the riffs and chords that Hog Meets Frog presents on this avant-garde record.

The band finds that the best approach to serious topics is with fun and that is emphasized with “humANIMALization”. Most people will first notice the cheerful, funny, sick side of Hog Meets Frog, but a few will remove the mask and then let themselves fall into the deepest depths of the music and lyrics and see what thoughts lie dormant there: Stories that life writes.

Adventurous listeners are invited to go through the looking glass and find the deeper meaning in each of the tracks on the EP, or simply frolic in the bright colours on the surface. “humANIMALization” is recommended for fans of System of a Down, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, TOOL, and Frank Zappa.

“humANIMALization” was released on February 24, 2023, and is available on Hogmeetsfrog.bandcamp.comSpotify.​

Playthrough – Peeping-Bear’s Exegesis of Not Peeping” at

Track Listing:
1. Of Snakes ‘n’ Moles ‘n’ Bulls ‘n’ Dough (4:32)
2. Peeping-Bear’s Exegesis of Not Peeping (5:10)
3. Apes Don’t Smoke Cigars – Just Pipes (4:47)
4. Stuff(ed), Cage(d) & Enslave(d) (3:25)
5. ZIGGY The Unpigcorn (3:46)
EP Length: 21:42

EP Band Lineup:
Ivo Matuš – Drums (peeping-bear’s exegesis of not peeping || apes don’t smoke cigars – just pipes)
Christoph ‘fizl’ Hehn – Drums (of snakes ‘n’ moles ‘n’ bulls ‘n’ dough || stuff(ed), cage(d) & enslave(d) || ZIGGY the unpigcorn)
ARIYAN Rezaei Jahromi – Guitar
Peter ’PETZ‘ Schwabl – Bass, Storytelling

Live Band Lineup:
Christoph ‘fizl’ Hehn – Drums
ARIYAN Rezaei Jahromi – Guitar
Peter ‘PETZ‘ Schwabl – Bass, Storytelling

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– 30 –

“If you are a fan of the jerky, spiky, awkward sounds of Primus you’ll love this. I daresay if you enjoy a bit of early Red Hot Chili Peppers you may also dig this – certain parts of the record do have a sneak peek toward Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention and The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown – not too obviously, but those sly, sideways little looks are there.” – Ever- Metal UK

“‘Does humor belong in music?’ was once a question that the late/great Frank Zappa asked – and Austrian funk-prog metallists apparently agree wholeheartedly, as evidenced within the video for their new tune, “Peeping-Bear’s Exegesis of Not Peeping,” – Bravewords

“Many hard rockers like when it is funky. Then this cool act must not be overlooked! This unit is a tight bunch of players and they have catchy tunes, for sure… Well worth checking out for fans of crazy funky hard rock.” –

“There’s an element of uniqueness to how each of these songs are written, although you can’t deny the clear influence of say the Primus bass lines or Zappa-esc experimentation, yet it is within the niche, thematic storytelling that gives Hog Meets Frog a real musical identity. The way they can tell a story with humour yet allow you to consider the real and often times scary true circumstances behind where these stories originate is what gives this band their staple. Certainly one to look out for in the future, long live Sqeekquackmusic!” – Metal Epidemic

“If I had to draw a comparison for this band… it’d be Primus, heavy catchy, quirky and big bass guitar. Great stuff!” – Mosh Pit Radio 89.9 FM (Madison, WI)

“They’re from Austria. One of the greatest song titles (Peeping-Bear’s Exegesis of Not Peeping) I’ve ever heard. That’s all you’re getting. Press play and share the adventure” – Metallum Sub Terra

“If the song titles like Apes don’t smoke cigars, just pipes are very funny, the musical aspects are of very high quality and definitely not “suitable for a headband”. Sure, funk isn’t a run-of-the-mill genre to sing along to, but sophisticated music at the highest level. So to speak, jazz music of the metal species. One can clearly register the inspiration of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Primus and Co. on this record, whereby the songs transport positive energy.” – Rock Magazine

“Overall – As chaotic as claimed, with quirky features, throughout, it’s fair to say that you never know where this is going to go, next. Trippy, outlandish and bizarre, it’s a wacky wonderland, all of its own… ‘HumANIMALIZATION’ can never be accused of being boring or predictable. Spicy and novel, in equal measure, it may appeal more to niche audiences. Hard to summarise easily, it’s a case of suck it and see.” – Rock Queen Reviews