Taipella Tide is the solo project from Chris Buhler, who is also in {Fin Rah Zel}. The song came to Chris when he was on the beach at San Sebastian, Spain, just swimming and strumming his acoustic. It definitely has that summery feel to it, with the heart of the song being his acoustic and vocals, although we do also get other instruments and his vocals are often double tracked. There is a lightness to this, and one certainly can imagine this being played and sung in a more stripped-down version to the girl of his dreams. The melody is simple with a repeated chorus, but the way it has been arranged is so that it soon becomes an earworm and one just knows the audience is going to be joining in on vocals and handclaps, gently swaying with massive smiles on their faces. The layering of a noodling acoustic, which comes in and out, is very effective while the bass adds some nice warmth and depth, bringing it all together.   

This has been released at the perfect time as it is designed for sun and sea, a nice summer song no matter what hemisphere you are listening to this from. I can guarantee that by the time you have played this a few times you will find yourself singing it at odd moments, as it really is that catchy.
7/10 Kev Rowland