Miinds came together in 2020, which is probably not the best time for a band to be forming, but they all knew each other from different projects and were soon writing music together, albeit remotely. Loveless is the first song they came up with, and is also their first ever release, ahead of an EP which will be coming out in February. They describe their music as mixing together the dreaminess of shoegaze with the distortion and urgency of post-punk, yet there is no doubt there is one band in particular which has had an impact on this song at least, the mighty {Coridian}. It is interesting they have also used the same producer, Zorran Mendonsa, and right from the off we are into tribal drumming, the bass setting up counter patterns, a strong rhythm guitar which allows the lead to be more striking.

Leon’s vocals go from restraint to power, and there is no doubt he is a great singer, cutting through the wall pf accompaniment. It would be easy for this to be too much at the same level, but he puts an edge on here, a touch of falsetto there, all the time with a band behind him who are bringing in elements of The Cure and Simple Minds. I get the impression that in the live environment this will be somewhat heavier, and I only hope it won’t be too long before they come up to Dead Witch as they would find a load of eager fans there.
8/10 Kev Rowland