“Hiruy Tirfe is an amazing artist that’s dedicated to his craft and he loves to share it with the world. It has been so much fun to share the stage with him. Hiruy has a special gift that makes you smile every time you hear him play.” 

– Damon “Tuba Gooding Jr.” Bryson of The Roots; 

Tonight Show w/ Jimmy Fallon

“Hiruy Tirfe is a consummate professional. He pours his heart and soul into every note he plays and every project he produces.” 

– Gerald Veasley; Award Winning Bassist; President Of Jazz Philadelphia 

About the Recording

Hiruy Tirfe’s debut project, “10,000 Hours,” is a captivating soundscape deeply rooted in the music scene of Philadelphia, PA, where the essence of the city’s unique sound permeates every note. This musical endeavor draws inspiration from Malcolm Gladwell’s theory of “10,000 Hours,” which suggests that mastery in any profession is achieved through extensive deliberate practice. 

Tirfe not only embraces the concept of deliberate practice but also intertwines it with his personal journey as a first-generation American growing up in Philadelphia, adapting to the challenges and experiences that come with it. 

The album consists of 15 tracks that encompass a wide spectrum of emotions and styles, from intense and mellow sounds to mesmerizing vocals and original compositions. It even features a remarkable cover of Donny Hathaway’s iconic song, “Little Ghetto Boy.” 

“10,000 Hours” is a harmonious fusion of various genres within Black American Music, including jazz, hard bop, R&B, and avant-garde, all of which have been influential in Tirfe’s career as a supporting musician in the industry. 

The project is designed to be experienced as a cohesive suite, and some have even likened it to a “Jazz Version of The Rites of Spring.” Collaborating with talented artists from Philadelphia, such as trombonist Aaron Goode and vocalists Ciara Chantelle and Mare, the album showcases the depth of talent in the city. 

Above all, “10,000 Hours” aims to inspire and motivate those who have dreams but may have faced obstacles in pursuing them. Through this record, Tirfe conveys the message that with hard work and deliberate practice, any dream is not only attainable but also achievable. ! – Hiruy Tirfe

About Hiruy Tirfe

Hiruy Tirfe is a distinguished saxophonist, musician, composer, arranger, educator, and film scorer hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Philadelphia, PA. His journey as a versatile musician began during his time in Upper Darby public schools, in addition to extra curricular programs such as the Kimmel Center Creative Music Program, and then continuing his studies at the University Of The Arts in Center City Philadelphia, where he honed his craft and emerged as a sought-after sideman for numerous local Philadelphia artists.

While pursuing his education, Tirfe had the privilege of studying under the mentorship of top-tier jazz musicians residing in Philadelphia, including luminaries like Mike Cemprola, Mark Allen, and John Swana. These experiences provided the foundation for his extraordinary talent.

Tirfe’s impact in the industry is undeniable, as he has collaborated with an impressive roster of renowned artists, such as Patti LaBelle, The Roots, Bilal, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Solange Knowles, Res, Brandy, Tye Tribbett, Eric Roberson, Chill Moody, Mike Boone, Jeff Bradshaw, and many others. His reputation as a consummate professional, both on stage and in the studio, has led to incredible opportunities.

Beyond the musical realm, Hiruy Tirfe has extended his talents to the world of TV and film, contributing his unique musical voice to productions like “A Nashville Legacy,” where he worked alongside notable actors like Andrea Lewis, Pooch Hall, and Roz Ryan. Additionally, his contributions graced Tye Tribbett’s Grammy-nominated gospel album, “All Things New.”

Now, Hiruy Tirfe is on the cusp of unveiling his debut record, “10,000 Hours,” scheduled for a worldwide release on January 26th. This highly-anticipated album features collaborations with accomplished artists, including trombonist Aaron Goode, vocalist Mare, and spoken word artist Ciara Chantelle. It promises to be a masterpiece that showcases his musical prowess and creativity.

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