About the Artist:
Nico J Wouters is a professional musician, producer, guitarist, songwriter, pianist, and singer from Belgium based in London, UK, writes in a lot of different genres of music from pop to funk to rock to heavy metal to world instrumental music. He writes for artists and also performs a wide range of covers.

I Spy A New life is an album that was conceived during the pandemic and
lockdowns. So the music reflects an introspective look when being stuck in this
unusual position. Unable to work as a musician and not able to perform it was a
very stressful time. But music was the saviour. Helped the focus to be on
something positive. Look at how things were prior to the pandemic and how
things would be once we got through to recover to a better life. If we could not
rock among others then we could rock within our own four walls until we were
set free. Pretend to still be the singer, musician and person that you were
before the pandemic. It has elements of bigger themes such as gun control
which darkens many of our lives. We all were and still are looking for new lives.

Coffee For One
This was written before the pandemic and is about life before the pandemic. A
waitor in London is visited by an ex lover who won’t let go and the response is
‘drink your coffee for one and go’. Song is about a new life beyond the ex-lover.
There is a calm beginning that explodes into an anger at the stalking nature of
the ex lover.
Spy A New Life
This was written during the pandemic. It reflects the frustration we were all
feeling. We were being kept apart. We could not party. It tells the story of
looking ahead to when it all ends and we can all party again. As long as we do
not go mad from the situation we found ourselves in. I Spy A New Life is the
call we were all making dreaming for when we could all get together again.
Music reflects the thin line we walked between staying sane and going crazy.

Going Around
This is about a relationship on the rocks but one person holding out for
something. It talks about not giving up and not letting someone go. Over the
last couple of years it has been a case of holding on to what we have go as the
world throws problems. Similar to a relationship with the ups and downs. There
is a frustrated feel to the beat going round and round in circles where
something has to give.

No Answer to Peace
This was written about gun control and how innocent people die in the street. It
ties in with the album theme because we all should want a life of peace where
people are not shot in the street. We should spy a new life with freedom to walk
the streets. Several shout outs for improvement and change to the laws.

Ride to the Night
Written in the pandemic, this is the party that we had before the pandemic and
the one we planned to have after it. It is the story of a crazy night out where
you can let go and enjoy the pleasures available. It is the heart of the album and

the album version is purposefully long to represent a good night out that always
go on.

True Love Hurts
This is the life of a relationship that has come to an end. True love hurts when
you try and finish it. Song is about how we deceive ourselves that things are
okay but really the relationship is over. Inspired by difficult relationships over
the conditions of the last two years. Great harmonies with a bittersweet tone to
the vocals.

Take Him Away
This is about the devil on your shoulder. Life has forced us to face things we
never thought we would have to. The theme here is to overcome the devil in
you and stay strong and not give in to the temptations. The music is feisty to
represents the fight against that devil.

Hiding The Truth
Here are emotions of shyness when you are hiding feelings for someone. This
is about hiding how you truly feel. Scared to reveal the truth. Great guitar riffs
reflecting internal pressure within. There is a retro feel to the music.
You’re My Number One
This is about admiring someone. Making them your number one. Doing
anything to them to get their attention and enjoy being with them. Wanting the
energy to pursue them to the best of your ability. Imagining all the things you
want to do. It is the playful side of a new life. Great variation in instruments
demonstrates the joyful nature.

Showmen In My Head
This is about the frustration of not being able to perform in the pandemic.
There was a showmen playing in the head who wanted to get back on stage. It’s
about the feelings of being on stage and how you miss it when you are not able
to get out there. Big show tune with great guitar riffs.

Lonely Boy
This was one of the last songs to be written and talks about being some one
who is seen as a loner but likes to get out and enjoy life. Even the lonely boy
seeks a new life. This is a real mixture of instruments, different tones and a real
party to end the album.

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