I don’t know how old these guys are, but given they formed in High Schooltowards the beginning of last year I am guessing not that old, especially asthey have been playing mostly all-ages gigs, although they did also open for{The Beths} in Auckland earlier this year and would have also opened for{Clap Clap Riot} if the tour hadn’t been cancelled due to Covid. Bella Bavin isthe lead singer and lead guitarist, and here she sings about wanting totattoo a girl on her neck. With drummer Thom Boynton, and brothers Chrisand Nate Tims on rhythm guitar and bass respectively, Coast Arcade have created a perfect summersingle which is jangly and has one of those hooks which sticks in the head and refuses to go away.When they repeat the chorus a few times Bella puts just a little growl into her vocals and it totallychanges the perspective, and while it starts and ends gently enough with just Bella and her guitar,throughout the rest there is a driving pulse from the drums, apart from when they throw in a neat acapella break. There is a huge amount of confidence here, and one can see why they have beengaining so much attention as while at its heart this is commercial indie alternative rock, it is steepedin Kiwi music from the 90’s and is just so much damn fun. {Coast Arcade} are a name to keep an eyeon, as if the debut single is like this, what is next?
by Kev Rowland