Australian post-rock quartet SOLKYRI have announced they will celebrate the 10th anniversary of their debut EP ‘No House’ with an international release on vinyl & CD.
As part of the Bird’s Robe Records 10th anniversary series, the record will be released in cooperation with Belgium’s famous Dunk Records and pressed on 180g vinyl for the first time.
Originally released in 2011, the record helped the band earn recognition as part of a burgeoning post-rock and post-metal scene in Sydney, alongside notable acts such as sleepmakeswaves, Meniscus, Dumbsaint, Panzer Queen, Mish, We Lost The Sea & Lander Configurations. Their early live performances led to a partnership with Bird’s Robe and extensive touring in their home country with sleepmakeswaves. Their profile increased further with airplay on Australian national radio station triple j.
Following the release of full-length studio albums ‘Are You My Brother?’ (2013) and ‘Sad Boys Club’ (2015) the band increased their touring considerably. They toured alongside Maybeshewill (UK), …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (USA) and Mew (DEN) as well as heading to Europe for their first international performances at Belgium’s Dunk Festival in 2015, touring alongside fellow Australians Tangled Thoughts of Leaving. They also headlined their own shows at clubs along the east coast and shared stages with The Red Paintings, 65daysofstatic (UK) and Vampillia (JPN).
In 2020, they returned with their third record ‘Mount Pleasant’, further enriching their catalogue as a pummelling, dynamic instrumental rock act and debuting at #1 on the 100% Independent Charts in Australia and #96 on the ARIA Chart. They joined MONO (JPN) as part of their 20th anniversary tour before being sidelined by the onset of the pandemic until returning for a sold out hometown show to finally officially launch their album earlier this year.
The young post-rock group have continued a long recording and production relationship  with former Canberra resident, now London-based producer Dax Liniere (Meniscus, Dumbsaint, sleepmakeswaves) across all their records.
‘No House’ has now been remastered by Liniere for vinyl and is a wonderful glimpse back at the exciting emergence of one of Australia’s most beloved post-rock acts of the past decade.
Director Mike Solo of Bird’s Robe says:
Solkyri have been one of my favourite bands for a long time. I heard about them before I actually heard them – the guys from sleepmakeswaves & Panzer Queen had seen them play and told me I should check them out. Once I finally saw them live, I loved their energy and enthusiasm. They quickly became part of the Bird’s Robe family and I’ve appreciated their earnest and continued support for the scene over the past decade.
Everyone loves Solkyri. You don’t need to look any further than the type of shows they’ve played or who is in the audience at their gigs – whether it’s Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, or sleepmakeswaves, or Meniscus or Dumbsaint or SEIMS, or Conrad from Trail of Dead headbanging at the merch desk when they were on tour – or the longtime fans who come to every show and post about them online. They’re great people and it’s been a joy to work with them and enjoy their music.
No House brings back many fond memories of those early days, when we were all still yet to explore the world and just playing small clubs in Sydney like the Lansdowne, the Excelsior and the Bald Faced Stag. I’m really happy that it’s finally coming out on vinyl and people have the opportunity to discover their wonderful back catalogue again.
Bassist Andrew Pearsall says:
Seeing that No House has turned 10 has forced our minds to stretch out our perception of the last decade. It feels like only a couple of years ago we put out this record! It reminds us of a time that moves on at a relentless pace, people come in and out of our lives and that nostalgia is the most deeply unfulfilling emotion. The love and loss, the doubt, the hope and the joy, memories from this time never fail to warm my heart and bring a smile to our faces.
NO HOUSE is out now through Bird’s Robe Records/Dunk Records
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