Just one look at the band name, song, and font, and one knows that here we have an act aiming to be on the heavy side. A quick look at Encylopaedia Metallum and one can see they have another nine bands listed with the same name, while this Lilith isn’t even the only one operating in New Zealand. Here we have the debut release from James Hudson (vocals) and Gage Callagher (guitar), and according to their biography they have created a new form of black metal. I must confess to not being quite so sure of that, as the guitars are more like a doom/NWOBHM mix for the most part, although there are definitely times when they do also bring in some of the more atmospheric aspects one expects from BM, especially at about 2:15 when we get a rolling thunder soundtrack, and the guitars having single notes played repeatedly as opposed to the driving riff which is throughout most of the song.

James is pushing himself into BM territory, but the way he is singing combined with the production means that often we get an almost white noise approach to his vocals, and there isn’t enough force and presence for them to really cut through, while the longer screams do not provide the impact he was probably looking for. They are seeking more people to join the band, and as they expand and grow then it is likely that their style will develop as well, but at present this very much sounds like a first recording.
4/10 Kev Rowland