Emily obviously does not have enough on her plate with raising her two-year-old daughter, as with her husband Charles she has released two singles in May, and here she is back with a solo effort as well. I was fortunate enough to hear her perform this live a few nights ago and it was just magical. While Charles generally comes to music from a folk and acoustic perspective, Emily has much more of a dance and modern soft jazz style. Her vocals are clear and clean, and here she has layered them on top of each other while also performing with a full band although the bass sounds and drums on this sound programmed, but they definitely fit in with the sound she was looking for.

If it were not for seeing her the other night, I don’t think I would have realised she provides the sax on this which is quite in the background but definitely moves the song more into a jazz territory away from the more overtly dance set up. The combination of her vocals with the electronic arrangement is in some ways quite strange but there is no doubt it works very well indeed, with the guitar providing some crisp cut through. The song feels like a warm comforting blanket, yet it is never cloying, and the modern production means we have a Te Reo number which would suit well on radio.    8/10 Kev Rowland