Here we have the third single from Wellington singer-songwriter Cathy Alexander, and this time around we see her working in a reggae style. Now to be fair this isn’t my favourite genre, and I would be hard pressed to list many albums of that genre within my collection, but Troy Kingi’s ‘Holy Colony’ is one of the very finest albums I have ever come across, and should be in the collection of any reggae lover, so I approached this with some interest. I was not a mad fan of Cathy’s last single, “Waterfalls”, but there is something about this one which has a real spark: it is light, fresh, and contains a real bounce. There is a feeling of sunshine, her vocals sometimes out there with just some percussion, and the more I played this the more I felt this is a perfect radio song. It is not too heavy, not too deep, but refreshing and perfect with some rum while sat in Cuba Street watching the world go by. 

There are plans for another set of singles to be released before Christmas, and I know the management feel it is only a matter of time before she hits the charts, and on the basis of this I have to agree with them.
Kev Rowland | 8/10