Here is the latest single from Auckland-based band Investigator who are based around the songs of Adrian Drew (guitar, vocals). Adrian paid his dues by playing acoustically wherever he could get a gig, but these days he now has a full band which comprise David Crowhen (bass), Craig van Kan (drums), Adam Morton-Mason (lead guitar) and Kane Bennett (bass, keyboards, guitars, synths, producer). It is somewhat strange to see Bennett playing this role as I can remember seeing him front Sonic Altar years ago, a band I really thought would break out of the NZ market. But it is hard when the total population of a country is just five million and we are spread out over a country which is bigger than the UK, which is why there is such a heavy concentration on singles, trying to get the word out.

This is both modern and a step back in time, as if anyone asked me when I thought this was released I would have said probably 81/82, but more due to the vocal and musical style than the production and overall heaviness which would push me more to modern alternative metal. The vocals are melodic yet feel as if they are coming from the punk/power pop era, and Adrian allows his voice to crack at times which provides an extra edge. There is a repeated guitar line over the top of the rest of the music that is both incredibly annoying and catchy, both at the same time. There is even a small section of rap, while the female harmony vocals add a touch of lightness. This is my first introduction to Investigator, and I look forward to hearing more.  
Kev Rowland | 8/10