The Title Track From The Away EP Released June 5 On Industrial Label COP International To Be Followed By Full-Length Album Missed The Noise In 2020Industrial-Electronic Project Of Emileigh RohnFeatures Collaborator John Fryer (Black Needle Noise), The Legendary Producer Behind Depeche Mode, NIN

The upcoming release “Declaration of Love” will feature two piano pieces based on the same motive and dedicated to 2 different interpretations of confessing in love.

The first one – “Declaration of Love in the Moonlight” – is a mystical and sensual solo piano piece, telling an intimate and moving love story, painted in the night colors. 

It gives way to the second piece, an energetic and radiant “Declaration of Love in the Sunshine”, featuring an array of various styles and instruments to enhance the story further, transitioning it into the joy and brilliance of daytime.

The music is taking the listeners away from the mundane routines, boredom, and dullness into the brightness of an imaginative world where love is omnipresent both under the light of Sun and Moon.

The “Moonlight & Sunshine” album will have an unconventional structure for the modern classics genre: every next release will feature 2 different versions of one motive, coming to life as a piano solo piece, interpreting a narrative in the moonlight, and a fully arranged piece, revealing the same story under the sunshine.​

The album will be evolving live on the major streaming platforms as a playlist (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and others), thereby gradually forming the full album as new pairs of tracks are released. The completion of the album “Moonlight and Sunshine” will take several months.