Dislocated from human society you wander, ghost like, on the fringes of existence, in the hinterlands, the in between spaces. Your age is counted in the turning of the leaves, not in the artificial dissection of the seasons. You walk through darkness gazing always at the distant stars, your heart yearning for its last beat; the day when you can lie beneath the trees and find your way back into the heart of all things. There is no part for you in this play, just a passing, unseen figure in the background of heroes, a shadow amongst the autumn leaves, a flicker of sunlight on the stream. You were never meant to walk this world alone. Your story is the eternal tale of stone and sky, not the momentary blazing drama of men…

Hailing from St. Petersburg, The City Of White Nights, built upon the bones of the lost and displaced, Epitimia have carved out their own niche within the black metal scene. Their music is riven with heartache, instilled with a sense of separation and isolation. The guitars ascend mountains of longing, fall hopelessly into ravines of despair and the desperate vocals howl against a backdrop of ice and shadows. Epitimia’s sixth album, Allusion, entwines you in emotions so powerful they are inescapable and when its final echoes fade away a sense of otherness persists, holding you apart from the life that was once so comfortable. Songs like ‘Schizophrenia’ lift you high above the world, changing your perspective on the brief guttering candles that are our lives. The sweeping anguish of ‘Melancholia I’ can cut you adrift, gently break you open, revealing a raw isolation beneath the skin. Few bands can harness such a depth of wretchedness and paint it in such beguiling colours. 

Allusion is a pivotal release in Epitimia’s career, with each of the songs being a complete reimagining of themes from the band’s past. It represents a doorway to their future and a revealing of the true power that has always flowed like a hidden, underground stream through their previous albums. They have also found their way to Onism Productions, a new English label who are fast gaining a reputation for releasing albums of remarkable creativity and extraordinary imagination. On October 23rd Allusion will step from the shadows into the starlight and sing its siren song to those with ears to hear and hearts to understand…

K. – Vocals
A. – Guitar/Bass
M. – Drums
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
For fans of: Drudkh | Grift | Be Persecuted | Selbst
Further Information: www.facebook.com/epitimia 

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