Chronicles of Hate was formed in 2016 by guitarists Riccardo D’Angelo (Neurotomy) and Roberto Simonetti (Enkymosis) with the idea of blending the solid impact of traditional Swedish death metal with a groove found in the likes of nu-metal. By the time of this their debut album they had been joined by bassist Mirko Pinoli (also ex-Enkymosis) and singer Francesco Macchi (ex-Dead Soul). It appears they had misplaced their drummer for this album, as they used session drummer Antonio Inserillo, and the only band photos I have seen show them as a quartet yet there needs to be five of them to make this style of music.

Overall this is an interesting mix and blend of styles, and one can particularly hear the influences of In Flames (back when they were a decent band), as they don’t go down the very heavy route and there are times when they almost come across as death-lite. So, while they say they are influenced by the traditional style it does actually feel far more commercial and modern than the trailblazers of the genre, but it is still pleasant enough for all that. It is powerful and dynamic without ever really becoming essential, and doesn’t really have the cut through I expect from either the vocals or drums, while the guitarists are often playing melodic power metal with just the vocals taking the music in a different direction. If they can find a drummer to firmly plant them in the style they wish to pursue it could be interesting indeed to see where they go in the future. While this may not be an album everyone needs to rush out and buy, it is certainly a band I will be keeping an eye on.
6/10 Kev Rowland