Australian instrumental post-rockers sleepmakeswaves have announced new music for 2020, three years since their 2017 release Made of Breath Only.

The new project, titled These Are Not Your Dreams will be released on 17th July.

Rather than following a conventional release pattern, new songs will be released as a series of 3 EPs over the next few months, with No Safe Place out now, Out of Hoursreleased on June 5 and Not an Exit released July 3. The first single Cascades debuted on triple j’s Home & Hosed in January, with a second track The Endings That We Writepremiering on triple j’s The Racket in February.

Today, the band released the new single Zelda, the track comes from the forthcoming Out of Hours EP which forms part of the band’s These Are Not Your Dreams , due out in July. The release follows their ARIA-nominated albums Made of Breath Only (2017) and Love of Cartography (2014).

Zelda is a unique shift in sound for the usually entirely instrumental band – it features a prominent lead vocal line throughout the song. With lyrics penned and sung by guitarist Otto Wicks-Green, it’s the first true foray into traditional lead vocal territory for the band. Although they’ve experimented with vocals before (including January’s well-received single Cascades), it’s never been as much at the forefront as this.

Listen here: 

The Out of Hours EP as a whole showcases more of the band’s 90s alternative/emoinfluences, whilst still retaining all the powerhouse drive and emotionalimpact of theirtrademark instrumental writing.

All music was entirely self produced, recorded & mixed by the band. Rather than following a conventional release pattern, the band have opted to release this collection of tracks as a series of 3 EPs during 2020, which will then be released in full in July as part of the These Are Not Your Dreams record.

Pre-order it here:

On the new trilogy of EP’s the band comments: “These Are Not Your Dreams refers to how modern life is rubbish and the internet is invading our brains. It’s control through disorientation and the manipulation of ‘your dreams.’

Every song from this series has been an experiment in how far we can push ourselves creatively and sonically… because what else is there? There’s so much going on all the time, why do people need more?

We’ve set ourselves the challenge of answering that question every day we’ve worked on our material. And we wanted to work harder than ever to justify it in an age of limitless novelty.

We’re producing all of these as a one-time limited edition release & we’re happy to be using recycled materials to produce these physical products wherever possible, as well as offsetting the carbon footprint for the other merch packages. It’s been a long time coming. If you’re still here, we hope you understand how grateful we are to have your support after all these years. We’re proud and excited to share this with you, and we want to thank our dear friend and manager Mike for sticking with us to see this through. That’s it from us.

The continuation of sleepmakeswaves is an ongoing a celebration of all that. A way to say thank you for everything, with a quick glance backwards, before continuing on with many more new things to come.

Expect plenty of surprises, new music and one heck of a live post-rock show from this hard-working still-young band!