MONEY WASTED ON A KIM KARDASHIAN IDEALJust when the summer is about to end, we all need that extra tan. Especially, if you’re from Sweden, like artist and producer Bara Karin. The title of her new single, “What a waste”, is written with spray-tanon her leg on the art cover. The song tells a story about wasting her time and money on yet another date with a guy. The sound can be described as if Bob Marley married Björk, with an organ playing offbeat and a playful marimba bringing out the humor in the lyrics.

Bara Karin’s music has consistently explored the oppression and suppression of women and her last release “Five times a day” talked about sexual exploitation. After the release, she was booked to play at the Swedish Pride music festival. In an interview about her music she says: ”Sometimes I feel like I’m born within the wrong body. Not that I don’t want to be a woman, but with that whole Kim Kardashian ideal, it’s a constant struggle with yourself when you don’t look like that.” However, Bara Karin won’t work on that look nor that tan, but instead on her upcoming album, to be released in 2023

Swedish artist and producer Bara Karin has been described as a singing therapist for women. In fact, she is also a psychologist. Her last single “Five Times a Day”, depicts life within the mental heal

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