It has been years since I last listened to Prong, probably not since 2003’s ‘Scorpio Rising’, but although there is a different rhythm section since then, singer/guitarist Tommy Victor is still at the front as he has been for more than 30 years. Five songs, less than 20 minutes in length, only two are new with the other being three live cuts. I’m not sure why this has been released, but possibly as a stopgap given their last album was in 2017, since when they have replaced bassist Mike Longworth and brought back Jason Christopher who was in the band for four years prior to ‘Zero Days’. This is an okay release without ever really hitting its straps, and it feels like the band is marking time. Let’s hope that when they come back with their next album there is more enthusiasm and excitement as while this is okay it is rarely anything more than that.
6/10 Kev Rowland