Keyboard player, drummer and singer Leon Alvarado has returned with his latest album which is very much a homage to the mighty Pink Floyd, something which is obvious from the first of the six songs through to the last which is a cover of “Brain Damage” and the only one to feature vocals. We even get small sound additions such as the ticking of a clock, a heartbeat etc which ensures the listener understands fully where the influences are coming from. To assist him in this endeavour, Leon has brought in bassists Tony Franklin and Gary Gnaedinger, guitarists Edoardo Scordo and Damian Darlington (both members of Brit Floyd, who say they produce the world’s greatest Pink Floyd show), alongside Jimmy Griggers (guitars) and saxophonist John Helliwell (Supertramp). Additionally, L.A. session musician Pablo Hopehayn contributes on strings and the backing vocals on “Brain Damage” are provided by Jeff Sanson, Liz Hall, and Linda Alvarado. I mean, just listen to the first half of “A Day of a Different Sort” and one would think this is a lost track from ‘Dark Side’ with Gilmour guitars, Waters bass and Wright-style keyboards. This song, more than any, moves from being influenced by Floyd to attempting very hard indeed to recreate the classic sound, not as a parody but as a homage.

There will be some Floyd fans who will be horrified that someone has attempted to reproduce the sound so closely, but for the most part there will be many others who are incredibly pleased in hearing this style being brought back to life, much more so than many of the bands who treat them more as an influence, such as RPWL. This is not a covers band, as most of the tracks are original, but when they want to move in that direction Leon is more than happy to oblige with a stunning rendition of “Brain Damage” to close it out. It may not be truly original, but then little is these days, and if you are a fan of classic Floyd then there is a great deal here to enjoy. 8/10 Kev Rowland