PeacockSunrise Records (PSR) is thrilled beyond measure to introduce giGo, a sensational new rock band with a global flair, marking the newest addition to the illustrious PSR family. giGo is set to make waves in the music scene, with the highly anticipated release of their debut album, “The Divine Proportion,” slated for July 26th, 2024.

In many respects, giGo embodies the essence of a supergroup, boasting members who have made their mark in esteemed bands such as Saxon, and Flip, and even bearing ties to the legendary Elvis Presley. With a fusion of diverse talents and experiences, giGo promises to deliver a musical experience like no other, captivating audiences worldwide with their electrifying sound. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey with giGo as they redefine the boundaries of rock music and leave an indelible mark on the industry. More details to follow soon!

Meet giGo, a UK-based band with a wealth of experience and talent, which came together during the worldwide pandemic of the early 2020s.

The seeds of the band were sown during the early 1980s when Andy met Anthony, who was looking for a keyboard player for a new recording project in Aylesbury, where they both lived at the time. That project started under the banner of Cairo, but eventually, the band became known as Flip, which was active between 1983 &1987. It was during this time that they signed a major recording contract, securing a hit record in the Netherlands with the single “That’s What They Say About Love.” It is this song that brought them together originally, and now brings them back together again with a beautiful new arrangement which features on giGo’s debut album “The Divine Proportion.”

When Flip eventually broke up, Anthony and his wife Kim moved down to the south coast where they were to discover, many years later, that they had moved very close to a certain guitar player!

Andy came to know Doug Scarratt back in 1996 when he was introduced to him by his long-time friend and drummer Mark (Milly) Millin, whom Andy had worked with in the band PTO back in the 1970s. Mark had played Doug Andy’s song “Simple Man” and he liked it, and agreed to play the solo on what would become an important track on the “Andy’s  Diner” CD. Doug’s solo on that song impressed Andy so much, that he has featured on all his work since that time, including both Kracked Earth projects, “Splash” (2012) & “Immortal” (2019), both of which are available on the MRR record label.

During the recording of the first Kracked Earth album in 2010, Andy was introduced over the airwaves to NS/Stick bass player extraordinaire Don Schiff, by KE vocalist and longtime collaborator Tim Lynk, who had also played with Andy in PTO before relocating to Australia in the late 1970s.

Despite all the obstacles, and with the wonder of the internet, “Splash” was recorded with vocals recorded at Tim’s home studio in Melbourne, and Don’s bass parts at his home studio in California.

Then in 2020, the world would change forever, and after a hiatus of too many years, Tony and Andy reconnected. And afterward, it was discovered that by chance, Tony and Doug were now living very close to each other, the decision to form a band and start a recording project seemed the natural thing to do.

With Saxon having to cancel shows across the globe, the core of the band was taking shape.

Luckily, Doug and his son Jamie-Ray were putting together a studio at their home, which soon became the “Mother Ship” for the project, with Andy, Don, and Tony, sending over their files as needed.

Oh, and as it turned out, as well as being a great engineer, Jamie is also a fantastic drummer! 

The lineup was now complete.

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