River Rise Band (Classic Rock/Hard Rock, Curitiba – Brazil), formed by Juliana von Mühlen (vocals), Márcio Arend (guitar), Marcelo Pesh (drums) and Ozéias Rodrigues (bass), has just released a live album in studio: From Inside Out. Launched on June 21, 2024, this new project is already available on streaming platforms, in both audio and video formats. So far, the band has already launched Right Path (album; March 2021), Leave Behind (EP; March 2022) and Untold Stories (album; February 2023).

The thing is, From Inside Out (Live Session) is not merely a live performance, recorded and captured in studio; or a mere combination of eleven songs which contemplates a bit of each phase of the band. It is indeed a true musical exorcism, in which all the willpower of making oneself heard is instilled in what at first glance resembles a contained feeling with which each one of the four members overflows – literally from inside out – the potential energy of each song. It is a gift for those who appreciate original music – those types of songs made to be properly heard and felt.

The video has been produced and edited by ZNE Studio, recorded and captured in Monster Session Studio, for recordings and rehearsals, in Curitiba/Brazil. The audio has been mixed and mastered by Márcio Arend in their home studio, in May 2024. Currently, the musicians are completely focused on the promotion of this brand new project. Don’t know what the right path is? Don’t know what story we are talking about? Don’t stay behind: to learn more and follow the band, go to www.riverriseband.com