Microsoft Word – Press release – Creatures Of The Night, part 1

Massimo Pieretti’s new single “Creatures of the night, part.1 ” was released on Sunday 30 of June 2024.

It’s the third single from the new album by roman multi-instrumentalist and composer entitled “The Next Dream” a rock opera set in the world of dreams, of creatures that inhabit them with imaginary connections to our current society.

The new song will be accompanied by a video clip released by Roberto Luciani in collaboration with Germana Noage and set in the Wunderkammer Museum and among the old Roman ruins of Villa Magna. Featuring on the track: Germana Noage & Claudio Milano on vocals,

Simone Cozzetto on guitars & Mattias Olsson on drums.

Germana Noage – Lead vocals, Claudio Milano – Background vocals Simone Cozzetto – El.Guitars, Riccardo Ballerini – Grand Piano Roberto Falcinelli – Soprano sax, Lisa Green – Violin
Gianni Pieri – Cello, Gabriele Pala – Chapman stick
Gianluca Del Torto – El. Bass, Mirko Rovina – Percussions
Mattias Olsson – Drums and percussions
Massimo Pieretti – Vocals, El.piano & Synths

Mixing and mastering by Francesco Mattei at Underworld studio Angela Donatelli – Original painting (Digitally treated by M.P.)

Massimo Pieretti – Creatures of the night, Pt.1 Video