Hello, I’m Dikajee! I’m a musician, video creator and artist. This is my second album “The Frame”. 

The Frame is a music and visual album that I’ve been working on over the past year, the first year after the passing of my father.

Since that loss occurred, I’ve been working very hard every day switching between my day jobs as vocal coach and video creator with rehearsals and working in the studio. It felt to me that by losing myself in all the hard work I may somehow fix something.

But some things are irreversible.
Why “the Frame”?

What actually happened was as I was working on this album I experienced many complex emotions and I’ve been turning them into art.

I saw death as a frame that we’re all are captured in.

No one is getting out alive from this life.

In this respect, death makes us all a family within that frame so the frame holds a family photo of all living.

I’ve decided to turn something very sad into something beautiful.

This album is about grieving, but it’s also about embracing this world as it is, about cherishing memories, staying strong and clinging to hope.
Let me introduce myself

My name is Olga Karpova, some of you may know me as Dikajee 🙂 I’m a musician, I compose my own songs, play concerts, enjoy painting, produce and edit videos. I live in Berkshire, UK, where I’ve moved from Russia in 2023. I was endorsed for a Global Talent Visa by Arts Council England. I will let you know more about my previous creations and why do I need your help below.


I feel incredibly fortunate to announce incredible featuring artists for this album:

GERMAN VERGARA – guitar, bass guitar, (AISLES)
FRIDA BOLLANI MAGONI – piano, vocals
CRIMSON BROOKS – vocals and choirs

Besides those guests I’ve been working on this album with my long time band mates Dmitry Irinovich (keys), Benjamin Baert (drums); Sedna & Gulia Naumova (backing vocals & strings), Vladimir Kirasirov (guitars)
This album is going to be mixed and mastered by Vikram Shankar (Silent Skies, Pain of Salvation, Avandra, Charlotte Wessels, etc.)
we’ve recorded amazing brass, strings and choirs for this album

you’ll be able to hear me using extreme vocal technique on this album for the first time (I’ve also been taking classes of extreme vocals for several months now) you may expect a much heavier and symphonic sound

THE ALBUM. Is it ready yet? When will it be released?

If this campaign is successful, I will be able to finish recording in July and the album will then be mixed and mastered in August.

This will enable the official release date will be in November but all the backers will get early access and an invitation to the premiere listening party.

all 10 songs for the album are written and fully or almost recorded. Some of them are 7-10 minutes long, so you are getting a real looong play 🙂
we are just a few steps away from releasing the album. All we need right now are a couple additional studio sessions, and we’re ready to mix and master.
I put so much heart and soul into this album that, as shy as I am, I must say that this is my best work as a songwriter and video creator.
All the videos for that album were produced and edited by me. I’ve worked with the best and biggest creative team I’ve ever worked with. Filming in Italy, UK, Russia (before my immigration), Argentina and India.
Together with Alisa Anitskaya (video operator and photographer for this album) and Jasmina Florist we’ve created the most beautiful cover art. I worked as a decorator for this project as well. All the visuals for that album are created as an ensemble by the same amazing crew.


ALL THAT TIME I’ve been switching between my day jobs, managing this project and creating exclusive content for my Patreon page

so far I’ve managed to cover:

months of rehearsal space rent, studio recordings, payment for orchestral musicians and sound engineers
several video productions, including decorations, flowers, rent of equipment, spaces, and fee for my crew, costumes, drivers, tickets, gas, etc (endless number of ant bites and sleepless nights came free)
cover art creation (decoration supplies, rent of equipment, studio rent, crew fee)
t-shirt designe by Rotten Fantom


For many months I’ve been fully dedicated to this work and all I did was work.

I am an independent musician. I do my best and give all I have to create music and visuals that sound and look like I’m backed by a label or a sponsor, but I’m not. I’m on my own. The only backing I have, the only support I can rely on – is yours. I put my hope in you, people who care about music and believe in beauty.

I believe that together we may create something beautiful and special.

By supporting this campaign today, you’ll be able to get exclusive merch, created especially for this campaign: CD’s, t-shirts, my original watercolour paintings; and for the first time ever – VINYL.

I’ve created the most appealing and interesting rewards for you <3

I think I managed to create almost all kinds of interesting and various combinations for every taste, but please don’t be shy to ask for add-onns and even suggest non-existent rewards, I tried to predict your wishes, but I’m happy to make you happy and if that’s in my power – I can create something, according to your suggestions 🙂 I’ve also created these combinations keeping in mind the cost of shipping, so you won’t overpay.

All physical rewards include a download link and an invitation to the premiere streaming party. All CDs and vinyls will be signed by me.

The first physical reward is a beautiful CD with 8 pages booklet. Illustrated by the outstanding photographer Alisa Anitskaya and contains songs lyrics. I’ve been her admirer for several years now, and my dream came true now: she is the lady behind the camera for all videos and photos for this album. You’ll also get your download link and will be invited to the premier streaming party once the album is done. Hopefully, in August <3

Full details cane be found at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dikajee/the-frame